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Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Durakinase Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico
Eskinase India
Kabikinase Brazil, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia
Reptoquin Mexico
Sedonase Egypt
Streptase Australia, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Venezuela
Streptofactor Argentina
Streptokinase Great Britain
Streptolase Egypt
Streptonase Colombia
Thromboflux Chile, Colombia
Compatibility   injection   Compatibility : Streptokinase              
This screen indicates the compatibilities or incompatibilities with, in this case, the type of incompatibility (precipitation, color change, modification of an emulsion, etc.). The compatibilities shown here are mostly physical only, with the chemical stability of each molecule rarely being assessed. The evaluation of these mixtures was studied to consider the possibility of Y-site administration to the patient. These data cannot be used for making mixtures in advance in bags or syringes. This type of information is available in the screen "Stability in mixture ».
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