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Cytoprotective   Folinate calcium  
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Trade names are indicative and excipients composition can be different depending on the country and manufacturers

Antrex Finland
Axifolin Germany
Bendafolin Egypt, Iran
Biofolic Italy
Calcium leucovorin Turkey
Calfolex Italy
Citofolin Italy
Cromaton Luxembourg
Dalisol Colombia, India, Mexico
Degalin Germany
Durofolin Greece
Etamolin Peru
Eurofolic Germany
Fastovorin India
Folcasin Romania
Folical Colombia
Folidan Spain
Folinate de calcium France
Furoic Italy
Innefol Mexico
Lederfolin Great Britain, Ireland, Italy
Ledervorin calcium Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
Leucocalcin Argentina, Chile
Leucovorin Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey
Neofolin Germany
Novizet Argentina
Precileucin Mexico
Prefolic Italy
Refolinon Great Britain, Greece
Rescuvolin Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Republic of South Africa, Sweden
Ribofolin Austria, Germany, Iran
Rontafor Argentina
Sanficinate Greece
Sanifolin Italy
Tecnovorin Colombia, Peru
Veravorin Greece
Xanacanto Mexico

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Solvent NaHCO3 Induces Degradation 150

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