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Research teams : Marseille - La Timone University Teaching Hospital, Pharmacy Department
Authors : Wasilewski M, Curti C, Panuccio C, Bouguergour C, Primas N, Lamy E, Castera-Ducros C, Jean C, Pirre Bertault-Peres P, Vanelle P
Title : Pre-formulation and Stability Study of 20 mcg Clonidine Hydrochloride Pediatric Capsules.
Reference : J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther ;27,7:625-631 2022

Level of Evidence : 
Physical stability : 
Chemical stability : 
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List of drugs
CapsuleClonidine hydrochloride Antihypertensive
Stability in solutions Not specified tablets 20 mcg
microcrystalline cellulose
25°C Protect from light
365 Day

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